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"I had been diagnosed with Raynauds, Bronchiectosis, Oesophagal reflux, Primary Bilary Cirrhosis, Osteopoerosis. With the exception of PBC none of the diseases are life threatending but extremely debilitating. I went to see Jeannie with a totally open mind not knowing what to expect but had hopes of some sort of change which would give me quality of life. The change that my visits to Jeannie have brought about achieved that transition. The first change I noticed was increased energy. Jeannie gave me exercises to go away with, to work with what I was taught with my mind gave me the ability to take control of my life situation and my health. Slowly I became a healthier happier and a more positively focussed person. The last twelve months have been the most extraordinary of my life. I have met and married a wonderful man. Everything to do with the wedding and being together has fallen in to place using CCDH philosophies and working with my mind, Angels and NLP. On a recent visit in October to my specialist for the PBC, I had a scan and there is no sign of PBC. The specialist is mystified."

Janet P, Norfolk.



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