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The Executive


Peace Technique

Peace Technique is an easy to use, practical and unique brain training technique, which allows you to install new, constructive and useful mental programmes and remove unwanted habits and thinking.


Once you have been correctly guided through the set up process by a trained CCDH practitioner, Peace Technique immediately places the brain into a conciously hightened and elevated state of awareness. From this state, all human life situations can be evaluated and positive decisions can be made to change health, mindset and relationships. Once you begin training your brain with Peace Technique, a new programme is installed for life that leads you away from the chaos of past thinking and into a clear, elevated, relaxed state; enhancing your life from a daily basis


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Price Guide

Initial Consultation and treatment 1.5 hours  £95


Further Treatments  45 minutes to 1 hour  £65



No matter who you are or what you do, both young and old we welcome you to come as you are.


Jeanne Ames

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