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The Executive, 1 High Street,

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The Executive



Crystal Clear Diamond Healing is a unique system for creating positive personal change using the ability and connections you are born with. Using your own unique DNA blueprint and brain memory systems the CCDH system reconnects you with your body's natural healing ability, bringing all your body systems into alignment from your chakra systems to your acupuncture meridian circuitry. CCDH is designed to help you re-take control of your body's natural healing abilities to recover from a disease or illness. We will work with you and help you empower your body's natural healing processes.

Everything we do at Crystal Clear Diamond Healing is complementary and designed to underpin all orthodox medicine and healing modalities available. From fertility to conception to recovery from illness, stress to self-confidence, the CCDH system is the perfect conglomeration of accessible and practical tools from NLP to esoteric acupuncture. .

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Stem cells are an important part of the body's self healing structure please go to our home page and download book Journey to Peace to begin learning about your autogenous system



Further Reading - If you are having difficulty understanding the context of our healing system, Jeannie has written two books - one paperback -one kindle -please see bottom of our Home page for links